Boutique Brokerage
& Consulting

(That’s a fancy way of saying we will help you navigate the waters at retail.)

The Godwin Retail Group Difference

We work with brands that are disruptive, express capability to learn and grow, and need help from only the very best to guide their journey.

Trusted Connections

Relationships with retailers built on years of proven success.

Passion & Intention

Our brand partnerships are intentional because passion is critical to success.


Top Talent

Industry experts, tenaciously driven, & solution-oriented.

Mama Bear Mentality

We advocate, protect, and care about you and your brands.

We work with the biggest retailers in the world.


100% Walmart Success Rate

We have experienced 100% success with every client that we have worked with at Walmart.

5 Skus in 2560 Stores

Our average brand launch (sell in) is 5 skus in 2560 stores

80% Average Growth YoY

Not only do we get products in but we continue to help brands grow year over year.

"Godwin Retail Group will phenomenally help founder led companies because they know what it takes to win at mass retail. They have their head on straight and will help companies, brands and founders focus on what's most important in order to be successful
and win."

Walmart, Previous Sr. Buyer, WM

"I had been trying to navigate my way into mass retail for years with no success; Godwin Retail Group was able to jump in immediately and help steer me in the right direction. They put me and my brand in front of the right team, helped me strategize my launch and worked with me to get my skus authorized in a huge way. They really shined by helping ensure execution was carried through to the shelf, and develop marketing programs to help ensure a successful launch. We feel lucky to have the Godwin Retail Group as part of our extended team."

Pitaya, Founder & CEO

“Few people are as compassionate as GRG while also delivering high level results. I have had the pleasure of working with them since 2018 at both Hain Celestial and more recently on CORE Foods. They have incredibly deep relationships in the Bentonville community and they are extremely passionate when fighting for the challenger brands they represent.”

CORE Foods, President
"Not a better agency partner in the business regardless of retailer with deep understanding of winning at Walmart."
"Many use the word “partner”. GRG doesn’t just say it, they act like it."
"GRG provide in-depth understanding of the Walmart universe and speak their unique retail language. Their buyer relationships have made getting a foot in the door possible for emerging brands."
"The GRG team is a team of all-stars that give your brand the attention, care and support it needs to win at Walmart. I love working with them and so will you"
"Godwin Group understands the Walmart landscape and uses their expertise to guide us through all the process and issues needed to succeed. The team is committed to a long term partnership and feels like family and an extension of our own company. They are Authentic and simply said "good people". It's a pleasure working with them."
"GRG has set the bar for what an agency partner should be! Leslie and team have provided us with a best in class service that has produced multiple sku authorizations and massive sales growth. Their retailer knowledge and experience working all sides of the business is incredibly valuable. Highly recommend GRG!!"
"GRG goes above and beyond for their clientele, they know the CPG/Walmart teams and how to best partner with them for positive outcomes on both sides. They have the flexibility to move with Brands that play in multiple categories all at the same time."
"As a brand founder, it is great to get the opportunity to work directly with founders who truly care about your business and understand your vision. GRG has been a key asset in getting my brand in front of the right decision makers and making sure the proper programs are in place to ensure the product moves off the shelf. They are a true extension of our own team, and an incredible asset."
"It is a pleasure working with the Godwin Retail Group. Their passion and expertise in navigating Walmart, backed by a data-driven strategy, consistently bring in strong results. The team's commitment to excellence not only makes our collaboration productive but also incredibly enjoyable, setting them apart. Highly recommend!"
"The Godwin Retail Group is one of the best partner agencies in the business. Their attention to detail, knowledge and expertise within Walmart is unparalleled. They are an extension of our team and family and we couldn't do it without them! Thanks Leslie, Eva and the whole team at GRG you'all are the best!"
"Leslie and the GRG team understand the needs of emerging brands entering the mass retail landscape better than any other broker I have encountered. Their thoughtfulness, unmatched relationships and forward-thinking make them an amazing partner for brands new to Walmart."
"As an emerging brand, a big challenge is being small potatoes to a large broker. That is not the case with Godwin. Their people are highly intelligent, highly experienced, and highly organized. They don’t just focus on business results, they are invested in being a steward of our brand."
"GRG is the best partner to navigate Walmart! They listen, follow through on commitments and champion your brand! So grateful to have been introduced to Leslie and Leah!"

Our clients are awesome. We are proud and full of gratitude on their testimonials above.

(And also officially blushing!)

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Godwin Retail Group exists to find the best brands in the market; we then relentlessly support, lead and grow these brands to their fullest potential in mass retail.