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Our team has walked all sides of the path in the CPG business. We’ve been suppliers and have been the ones working with brokers for years. We’ve climbed the corporate ladders and, from the top, discovered we have a unique skill set that can do brokerage better. We know what it takes and have created an elite, boutique brokerage and consulting company to help only the best brands in the industry reach new summits of success in retail. That’s right - we are reinventing the brokerage industry. We’ve recruited the most successful, relentless, and unstoppable talent in the industry to join our team and help support even more brands. And they all just so happen to be kickass women. This isn’t Corporate America anymore.
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Godwin Retail Group exists to find the best brands in the market; we then relentlessly support, lead and grow these brands to their fullest potential in mass retail.